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The blockchain industry has grown rapidly nowadays in the digital era, many people around the world are using blockchain technology to transact quickly and easily throughout the world all sectors have entered the blockchain industry today, the industry is increasingly famous and popular throughout the world many countries forward and developing has entered and believed in the blockchain and now also bitcoin has been recognized in the whole world of bitcoin to be phenomenal in various worlds, but bitcoin is also known for rising and falling prices which very quickly make many people doubt and worry but many people strongly believe in bitcoin even many people are increasingly buying in very large quantities but quite risky when the price drops now there is a token called Digital Gold or GOLD coin which is very stable as the name Digital Gold or GOLD is the same token as gold and the exchange value is also the same as gold .


GOLD TOKEN has advantages such as prices that will not be affected by any GOLD Tokens is exactly what you need to buy gold and store it digitally with complete anonymity and guarantee the protection of your assets from high volatility and loss of value. You don’t need to worry about the exchange rate of GOLD tokens because GOLD tokens are the same as real gold and the exchange value is the same as you will get profit by buying and saving GOLD tokens protection and privacy will be the most priority for the team. GOLD Ethereum-based ERC20 Tokens are an easy and instant way to save, buy, sell, or transfer gold at an investment level.

Because this is a digital version of gold price 1 TOKEN = 1 PURE 99.99 PURE GRAM All GOLD tokens supported by physical gold for safety are stored in your safe never to worry. Gold stored is audited in real-time and can be verified online. Each GOLD Token is issued using smart contracts Ethereum and the number of tokens in circulation is always the same as the total amount of gold bars stored in the vault. gold all over the world is used to save wealth and create profits gained when prices rise again gold prices tend to be stable and make many people around the world buy and sell gold.


The benefits of gold tokens are so numerous in this digital era that a lot of people around the world need easy storage, security and online transactions around the world Digital GOLD has everything you need when you buy GOLD tokens and save them in your ethereum wallet you will be safe and the stable GOLD token also makes a very good idea for many people around the world GOLD tokens are created for everyone who needs price stability for everyone who buys and holds their tokens in their wallet.

this greatly makes it useful to protect against market volatility on the cryptocurrency market, while also allowing users to benefit from long-term gold price increase trends. Liquidity is ensured at any time, provided that an independent direct audit can be verified to cross-check the number of tokens in circulation, with the amount available. gold purchases for each token purchased), market transparency, support for all ERC20 wallets, and support for trading GOLD tokens on partner exchanges.

TOKEN GOLD will increase as market prices improve and stabilize TOKEN GOLD will benefit all people around the world where GOLD tokens will be trusted by everyone and many people will become tokens that are very useful for many people in the future gold tokens will also connect digital investment with valuable value throughout the world to make gold tokens known to everyone because of promising investments and proven trust in the world.


GOLD Token is also directly pegged to the gold spot price thus each coins brings user coverage for one gram of vault-stored 99.99% FINE Gold. The stablecoin also assists and protect users against cryptocurrency market volatility.

The Digital Gold projects leverages the Ethereum blockchain technology to provide transparency, security, and immutability with an added advantage of full assets liquidity since the Gold Token is in line to one gram of Gold stored in BullionStar’s secure and insured Vault. The transparency derived from the blockchain technology allows for live auditing functionality which users can also check if the numbers are in line with each other or corresponds.

Digital Gold aims to ensure that investors enjoy distinctive features and benefits every time. Digital Gold’s main features include, but not limited to:


Blockchain technology has been seen and considered to be the most secured way of storing digital value. Therefore the Gold project has taken that into consideration since the Ethereum Blockchain technology provides transparency and maximum security. Digital Gold likewise provide a private Gold ownership experience as users are do not need to go through the stress of submitting personal information like KYC.


Gold has been seen to be a method of wealth storage thus utilized by people throughout the whole world for many years. It is idle that Gold represent a good way to diversify wealth portfolio.


Digital Gold does not charge transaction fee when sending Gold Token and are also liable to unlimited transactions. Though users only need to pay for gas fee when initiating any transaction on the Ethereum blockchain.


Digital Gold LTD is likewise a liquidity-supplier hence users or investors do not need to worry themselves over market prices as users are rest assured that all tokens re constantly covered in physical Gold and purchasable at rates closer to the market prices.


Digital Gold has also come up with a digital Gold Marketplace where users can efficiently and effectively purchase and sell Gold Token with ease. The marketplace also has been created with a display data that shows the current and latest Gold spot price, purchase price and redemption price in either bitcoin or Ethereum.

The creation of the Marketplace is to facilitate 24/7 support for buying and selling of the Gold token. Users can likewise convert Gold Token to any cryptocurrency coins of their choice while the Marketplace ensures that transactions are carried out instantly in a seamless way through the Smart Contract.

The Gold Token can likewise be stored on different ERC-20 compatible wallet such as the Myetherwallet, Metamask, Guarda, Ledger Nano S and Trezor.


  • Real Time physical gold reserve verification
  • Instant and fast purchase and sale of any quantity of Gold utilizing the website at market rate with low spread
  • 24/7 customer support
  • No transaction Commission
  • There are also no risk of user and Digital Gold account blocking as the Digital Gold project does not rely or deal with Fiat.


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