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Overview of the Cryptocurrency Market

Cryptocurrencies have been around for more than 10 years, starting with Bitcoin. (BTC), a great invention of mankind, making direct exchange fast, using an Internet-connected device without going through any intermediary financial institution. Today, after more than 10 years of growth, hundreds of thousands of cryptocurrencies have been born and hundreds of new cryptocurrencies are born every day. However, there is a fact that cryptocurrencies have not yet been strongly applied to life. We have not yet seen any cryptocurrency used to purchase goods and services in real life. Mainly cryptocurrencies are used for trading on exchanges, Or used in many technology projects such as: Defi, Metaverse, NFT, Game…

BITCOINF: issued on the Bitgert network, is considered the blockchain with the fastest transaction speed and the lowest transaction fee today (zero gas fee) but is still young, in the early stages of development. Therefore, BITCOINF is issued in large quantities, used to circulate, buy, sell and exchange goods directly, such as using cash in daily transactions. Listing on exchanges takes longer because popular trading platforms have not integrated the Bitgert network.

How does BTCF apply to life in the exchange of goods and services?

What is BTCF ?

BITCOINF FUTURE is a multi-token project model (dual token model) with BTCF and BITCOINF issued on 2 different blockchains (networks), for different purposes.

✅ In the world, there is typically the Axie Infinity project which is also a dual token model with AXS and SLP or other projects such as VeChainThor, MakerDAO, Anchor, and Filmio.

✅ BTCF: Is a cryptocurrency issued on the Blockchain of Binance (BSC), used as an intermediary in the exchange of goods and services between the Merchants community and the consumers community, and exchange everything between BTCF community members. BTCF is issued with a very small circulating supply, so BTCF futures can be used for “assets”, also known as store of value, like hoarding gold or precious metals.

Binance Smart Chain is a very familiar blockchain and has a huge user community. BSC is also recognized by the crypto community as one of the largest and most secure networks in the world. Listing on exchanges is also more favorable for tokens issued on BSC because almost all CEX and DEX trading platforms have integrated the BSC network. .

Therefore, BTCF is stored in all the most popular wallets used globally such as: Bitkeep, MetaMask, Trust, Tokenpocket, Antex, Coin98..

The vision is to be the Bitcoin of the future.

Bitcoin future (BTCF) with a vision to be the Bitcoin of the future, with high growth value.

In order for a coin to exist and thrive, the following basic elements are needed:

  1. Strong and supportive community
  2. Extensive ecosystem
  3. Scarcity
  4. High liquidity


bitcoinfuture is a dual model token with dual functionality (BTCF and bitcoinf). BTCF is built on binance smart chain network been the most advance and well known Blockchain with maximum security measure that is incorporated by many exchanges.

• Maximum Circulating supply: 21 000 000 BTCF

• Initial circulating supply: 1,000,000 BTCF

• maximum supply of extra mining per month : 100, 000 bTCF

BITCOINF is built on bitgert Blockchain been the fastest Blockchain with lowest gas fee( zero gas fee). The supply is large base in the fact that the Blockchain is new and yet to be incorporated by many exchanges.


BTCF will be listed on the following exchanges. BTCF will be officially listed on COINTIGER and PANCAKESWAP exchanges at 11:30 am on Tuesday, March 14, 2023.

With the BTCF project, we also bring great benefits to consumers who own BTCF. Consumers can buy goods directly from Merchants without paying intermediaries. Thus, the goods are both of good quality and at a very good price Because BTCF has a very limited circulating supply and is scarce, Liquidity is very high, so everyone wants to own and hold it. Therefore, all activities of exchanging goods between the Merchant community and the consumer community, or between the BTCF member community, are completely accepted by 100% consensus by BTCF…

Value creation activities for BTCF and the ecosystem

BITCOINF.ORG project website, BITCOINF is part of BTCF’s ecosystem. It is issued on Blockchain BITGERT In large quantity, due to fast transaction speed and almost zero gas fee. BITCOINF’s mission is to create a large community through BITCOINF free gift and create usefulness by the exchange of goods in the Merchants community and the consumers community, and by the exchange everything in the member community with each other. Here you can sign up for an account and get a free BITCOINF gift, which is instantly sent to your phone’s personal wallet. You create a Affiliate link and share it with many others, you also receive the corresponding amount of BITCOINF gifts…

BITCOINF.NET e-commerce website with the aim of making BITCOINF and BTCF useful to life, creating mutual goods exchange in the community. A special feature is that when you go to the website, you will see a lot of items that are agreed to exchange 100% in BTCF from the seller. Merchants selling on the BITCOINF.NET website will not have to pay any costs. Thus, Merchants can advertise their products and sell them for free.


Bitcoin Future (BTCF) With the desire and aspiration to become the Bitcoin ofthe future. In 2 years, 2023 is the time when Bitcoin goes down and 2024 the marketwill start to grow again. So, this is also a golden time for BTCF to build value andbecome familiar with the Crypto community.

BTCF is listed on a number of centralized and decentralized exchanges in 2023, willbe listed on more major exchanges in 2024, When the entire global cryptocurrencymarket starts to grow again, Then BTCF also means growth.At the end of 2025 Bitcoin price peaks, then the BTCF target towards that time isvery valuable.

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