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SHA-256 is a Bitcoin (BTC) cloud mining platform which was officially established in the Marshall Islands in September 2020.
Cloud mining is usually defined simply as a remote cryptocurrency mining service. This service is provided by hosts (people who own and sell the cloud mining service) who have farms (huge collections of mining rigs, usually held in big, designated facilities).


Bitcoin mining is the process of keeping records on the Bitcoin blockchain. The participants that take part in this process are called ‘miners’. These miners keep the blockchain ledger complete by grouping new transactions into a ‘block’ that is verified by nodes on the Bitcoin network.

After the block is mined, the miner applies a mathematical formula of letters and numbers to the block which is commonly known as an “SHA-256 cryptographic hash” of the previous block.

Once the formula is solved, the new transactions are added to the blockchain as a block and formally circulated throughout the network for verification. After completing the whole process, the miner gets rewarded with 12.5 Bitcoins by the Bitcoin network.

Sha-256 mining is a validation of transactions. For this effort, successful miners obtain new cryptocurrency as a reward. The reward decreases transaction fees by creating a complementary incentive to contribute to the processing power of the network.

Bitcoin mining is performed by high-powered computers that solve complex computational math problems; these problems are so complex that they cannot be solved by hand and are complicated enough to tax even incredibly powerful computers.


  1. Smart Tools For Better Bitcoin Mining

SHA-256 user panel provides every smart tool you may need during mining activities including dynamic profit calculator, multiple mining activities panel and a secure wallet.

2. Mining returns are distributed on a daily basis without any additional or surprise fees for withdrawals.

3. Multiple mining activities can be carried out at the same time and new purchases can be with accumulations.

4. Instant Transfers Without Additional Costs

Your money is yours, so does the power. Keep your earnings from mining activities in your secure SHA-256 wallet or withdraw it to your personal wallet at no additional cost.

5. It is the user who decides, tracks and manages the mining duration and hash power to be used.

  • MININUM DEPOSIT : The minimum amount per mining is 0.001 BTC, 0.01 ETH, 0.1 LTC, 3700 Doge.

6. Complete a one-time payment with Bitcoin for your chosen contract.

Mining activities will start automatically when the payment is reached. Depending on the density of the Bitcoin network, this time can take about 10 minutes.


cryptocurrencies without purchasing any mining devices, spending time & effort on mining or being negatively affected by price volatility of crypto assets. So mining at

  • Hashpower Allocation Among Cryptocurrencies.
  • Daily Return Collection.
  • Lowest Mining Fees In The Market.
  • Dynamic Return Calculator & Risk Analyser.

Motivations For Cloud Mining.

Cloud mining creates a layer between the mining facilities and the end user to eliminate all these risks. These companies take over the maintenance and management activities required for crypto mining, and make mining manageable on a cloud platform.

Thus, the end user buys hash power with a few clicks without any physical or mental burden. This hash power is used in mining activities and the reward coins earned are accumulated in the wallet in the user panel. While there are many cloud mining services available, they all offer basically the same service.


  1. To start mining with SHA-256 please do the following steps:

2. Create a free account.

3. Decide the duration you want to mine and the hash power you want to use during that period. Choose the mining contract that suits you best.

-HASH POWER ALLOCATION: You can distribute the hash power you bought among multiple coins and create a portfolio for your investment.
-MULTI-ALGORITHM & COINS: The platform supports many algorithms and coin types. The users are aimed to have plenty of option to choose from.

4. Complete a one-time payment with Bitcoin for your chosen contract.

5. Mining activities will start automatically when the payment is reached. Depending on the density of the Bitcoin network, this time can take about 10 minutes.

My Profit And Transactions Mining Today

The platform serves the purpose of freedom and accessibility in mining by proposing the cheapest hash power in the market for better profitability


SHA-256 company focuses on Bitcoin which continues to grow day by day with many side-achievements such as the development of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, academic research in the field of mining, funding initiatives, creating resources, and creating employment.

Permitting all of us to remotely personal a reducing area mining rig and mine crypto 24/7. allows flexible capital management among cryptocurrencies to be mined, immediately withdraw opportunity, hash strength allocation and track mining status with dynamic return predictions. is a nicely-established agency in the field of aggressive cloud mining.

Being a trustworthy organization, gaining the affection and recognize of our clients have always been an necessary a part of their employer. therefore, they present the specific business plan and business enterprise registration document for our information.

With SHA-256’s mining calculator (, users can see the calculated mining returns in real-time and decide which cryptocurrency is suitable for mining.

All members can earn income by sharing the affiliate link. Affiliate program earnings are instantly credited to the user’s account.

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