DIGITALGOLD: Storage & Making of Payments in Gold, Made Easy

3 min readDec 5, 2023


A normal person will consistently want to keep his/her wealth for future reason and assuming potentially, ages to come, all appreciation to the pioneer of the world most valuable metal gold, it has served a ton in accomplishing the capacity of wealth for a long time past is as yet being utilized worldwide for this sole reason.

Barely will you discover a strongly wealthy man/lady without having a level of his/her wealth being put away as this valuable metal, a very god property of it that makes individuals so open to putting away their wealth as gold is a result of its low value instability dissimilar to different ventures. You can choose to purchase a house or landed property today to store your wealth just for you to find that its worth has been diminished incredibly following couple of years, yet that isn’t the situation in gold ventures.

The Issue

As valuable as gold may be, we can’t deny the fact that only the influential individuals have the entrance to trade it. This is a direct result of the convoluted methodology and the high buy prerequisites that are required before exchanging with it and all things considered, a normal individual is being debilitated from trading gold.

Having said these, we ought to likewise know about the new tokenised gold system that is being created to take into account simple easy connection between the gold and digital ecosystem, yet then this regular system isn’t ideal enough as it is being looked with difficulties too, for example, failure to utilize and trade and furthermore absence of legitimate security.

The Solution: DigitalGold

This is an Ethereum based platform that enables individuals to purchase, sell, store and trade venture grade gold effectively without revealing their identity.

This is being accomplished by making an ERC-20 based gold token which is being sponsored up physical gold and put away in the organization’s verified vault, thus the unpredictability of the token is exceedingly decreased making it a stablecoin.

How Does It Work?

With the assistance of smart contracts innovation being offered by the Ethereum blockchain, clients can undoubtedly buy gold tokens in which the measure of tokens available for use will consistently be equivalent to the measure of gold bullion in the organization’s vault, consequently, this will guarantee that there’s sufficient gold to cover for every one of the tokens available for use.

A gold token on the platform will enable clients to purchase 1 gram of 99.99% fine gold and clients can without much of a stretch do boundless exchanges. These gold tokens being obtained at a value that is near the present market cost will be put away in the organization’s verified vault which is in partnership with Bulionstar.

Reasons Why DigitalGold is the Best

  1. Chance to verify your wealth through an enhanced portfolio
  2. Boundless payment option with no exchange charges
  3. Effectively secure gold proprietorship which is in effect completely guaranteed by Chubb Insurance Company in Singapore
  4. Assurance of high liquidity through the digital gold marketplace and partner exchanges and
  5. Your gold tokens takes into consideration private physical gold possession.

A selective component of the Digital Goldplatform is that it is not an ICO project. it is being naturally funded by the parent organization which is a liquidity provider and all the gold token exchange is being executed by smart contract.


Indisputably, the sole point of Digital Gold project is to quickly improve the worldwide use-instance of gold which is as of now being utilized uniquely as capacity of wealth, with the new thought being put into practice by the platform, at that point gold would now be able to be effectively utilized as a type of exchange which protected as well as verified through the assistance of blockchain innovation.






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