Endblock is revolutionizing the gambling finance

3 min readFeb 18, 2023



This team is an excellent project development and high security blockchain system. So every friend should publish this project and get a chance to play the game and hit the jackpot. This project is interesting, with big perspectives! Great start, great team interested in fast and robust project development.

With ENDBLOCK, users will be able to reset a block counter on the blockchain, where vested capital goes to the pool. Each time the pool block counter reaches zero (0), the last participant to reset it wins the whole jackpot. In a situation where nobody won the jackpot, when the lotto block counter reached zero, the jackpot is allocated via a lottery and via the $Endergy Pool. Each “Reset Blocks” mints $END token to the participant.

Endblock.io, a revolutionary collective reverse betting system set to revolutionize the decentralized Gambling and DeFi industry (Gambfi). Simplicity meets sophistication in this world’s first reverse crypto betting game, where getting started is as easy as hitting a button on a website. At the same time, the game offers a rich nuance for players who wish to maneuver and strategize. Even if a player does not win the primary jackpot, they will still unlock an extravaganza of bonuses: free tokens, pool rewards, and more lotteries like the Mega Jackpot!


The Endblock token $END is not created to be a trading token. It’s an utility token that is used to play inside the platform. There is no max supply for the token and only can be minted by playing with real cryptocurrencies like BNB or ETH. $END token is burned every time it is used by the users to reset blocks on the Mega Pools or the End Pools. It’s also burned when used to generate $Endergy. So the supply of the token will always be very limited and rare. Any user can create a decentralized pool in a dex if they want to and the token could be automatically listed by any cex exchange but as the supply is very limited its also difficult to place liquidity.

Gambling without the Gamble

Endblock is revolutionizing the gambling finance ecosystem with its unique ability to reward ALL players! Not only do all bettors get a free entry into another lottery, but they also receive END tokens — Endblock’s premier token that unlocks a variety of advantages.

Collectively, these mechanics enable a dual-pronged strategy where END tokens are burned through Mega Jackpots and locked through pool incentives — turning END into a powerful deflationary token that will continue to expand its repertoire of utilities over time.


The system allows a person to have the possibility of winning a large amount of capital while having the opportunity to recover or even win more than what was bet. In a circular and automatic gambling system. Endblock marks the beginning of a new market that will be in constant evolution and transformation, whose algorithms will be used in different markets around the world. Many people may not realize its scope, but EndBlock is not just a game of chance.





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