FireDAO is a Social DAO Based on PID and FID

5 min readJun 29, 2023

FireDAO is a social DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) that operates based on PID (Personal Identity) and FID (FireDAO Identity) Soulbound accounts. It was initiated by the RainbowCity Foundation, an organization focused on building projects on the Arbitrum blockchain.

As a social DAO, FireDAO aims to enable decentralized decision-making and community governance. The use of PID and FID Soulbound accounts suggests that FireDAO may incorporate identity verification and authentication mechanisms to ensure the participation of verified individuals within its ecosystem.

Arbitrum, on the other hand, is a layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum. It aims to address Ethereum’s scalability limitations by enabling faster and more cost-effective transactions. By building on Arbitrum, FireDAO can benefit from these scalability improvements and provide a smoother user experience.

FireDAO in collaboration with the RainbowCity Foundation, aims to leverage the capabilities of decentralized technology to foster social impact and empower communities through collective decision-making and governance.

Introduction of the Tokenomics

FLM (FireDAO Loyalty Token) serves as the incentive token distributed to various participants within the FireDAO ecosystem. The purpose of FLM is to incentivize and reward individuals or entities that contribute to the growth, development, and sustainability of the DAO.

By distributing FLM tokens as incentives, FireDAO aims to encourage active participation, engagement, and value creation within its community. These incentives can be given to participants who provide valuable contributions, such as developers, community managers, liquidity providers, governance participants, or other community members who actively support the DAO’s objectives.

As an incentive token, FLM holds utility within the FireDAO ecosystem. Token holders be able to utilize FLM for various purposes, such as governance voting rights, access to specific services or features, or even as a medium of exchange within the ecosystem.

The distribution of FLM tokens as incentives is a mechanism employed by FireDAO to foster participation, incentivize contributions, and promote the growth and sustainability of its community and ecosystem.

The 3+2+7+1+X token economic model implemented by FireDAO suggests a complex token system to maintain its operations. Let’s break down the different components of this model:

3 Tokens: The “3” represents three core tokens that play different roles within the FireDAO ecosystem. These tokens could include governance tokens, utility tokens, or other types of tokens that enable various functions within the DAO.

2 Tokens: The “2” signifies two additional tokens that might serve specific purposes within FireDAO. These tokens could be designed for activities such as staking, liquidity provision, or incentivizing specific behaviors.

7 Tokens: The “7” implies the existence of seven more tokens that likely have their own unique functions or use cases within the FireDAO ecosystem. These tokens might represent different assets, services, or features that users can access or interact with.

1 Token: The “1” token is presumably the primary token within FireDAO. This token might act as a native currency or a fundamental unit of value within the ecosystem.

X Tokens: The “X” represents an unspecified number of additional tokens. These tokens could be introduced over time to support new features, partnerships, or community initiatives within FireDAO.

FireDAO Products and Features

FireDAO has launched its first core product, the Fire Passport, on the Arbitrum One network. The Fire Passport serves as the PID (Personal Identity) system within the FireDAO ecosystem. This system likely plays a crucial role in verifying and authenticating the identities of participants within the ecosystem.

With the Fire Passport PID system, FireDAO aims to establish a secure and reliable identity framework that enables users to establish and manage their identities on the Arbitrum One network. By having a robust PID system in place, FireDAO can enhance security, reduce fraud, and ensure that participants are recognized and verified within the ecosystem.

As an integral part of the FireDAO ecosystem, the Fire Passport likely enables users to access various features, services, or benefits within the ecosystem. It might provide a seamless and trusted identity verification process, allowing users to engage in activities such as governance voting, accessing specific resources, or participating in community-driven initiatives.

The Fire Passport PID system on the Arbitrum One network demonstrates FireDAO’s commitment to establishing a secure and user-centric identity framework within its ecosystem, further enhancing the overall functionality and value proposition of the DAO.

Allocation of RainbowCity Treasury Revenue

RainbowCity Foundation, as the initiating entity of FireDAO, coordinates the allocation of ecological revenue prior to the complete issuance of FDT (FireDAO Token). This means that during this initial phase, the revenue generated within the FireDAO ecosystem is managed and controlled by RainbowCity Foundation rather than being distributed to the wider ecosystem.

(FireDAO), the RainbowCity Foundation takes the responsibility of coordinating the allocation of this revenue during the early stages. It’s important to note that the specific details and mechanisms of how the ecological revenue is managed and utilized by RainbowCity Foundation would require more information or clarification.

As FireDAO progresses and FDT issuance completes, there a shift in the allocation and distribution of ecological revenue, potentially involving broader participation and governance by the FireDAO community. This could align with the decentralized nature of DAOs, where decision-making and resource allocation are often driven by community governance processes.

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