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6 min readOct 2, 2021


Crypto exchange platform accessible through regulated wallet that provides transparency and funds protection.

DeGeThal as crypto currency for everyday transactions: payments or receipts.

Built using latest blockchain technology, DeGeThal wallet allows the flow of crypto and FIAT coins.

Support for crypto-FIAT transactions

Payments security is guaranteed by checking procedures superior to the one used by banks.

Guaranteed access to the stored funds through DeGeThal exchange, open banking and DeGeThal wallet.

Simple and safe storage of your funds

Connected to the crypto exchange in real time

Allowing you to pay with cryptocurrency for all transactions, including bills and shopping while enjoying solid security

Furthermore, most crypto projects that are defi based often depend on the blockchain network that they are deployed. Aside from the fees charged by exchanges in form of commission, one has to pay fees for the transfer of tokens on the blockchain. One of the renowned blockchain network within the crypto ecosystem today is Ethereum blockchain. Some of its features includes having a low transaction speed, high commission as well as high gas fees. For most crypto enthusiasts, speed is a crucial factor due to its volatility of prices.

In addition, as a result of the dependency of defi projects on blockchain, transaction (buying or selling) on decentralized exchanges (DEX) may not be really profitable or desirable. Most often traders are not realky able to maximise profit. Interoperability and lack of scalability is also another challenge which makes inter chain interactions to be difficult. For example, trading Bitcoin (BTC) on decentralized exchanges (DEX) is not even possible due to the fact that the Bitcoin blockchain is not compatible with smart contracts. Also, Fiat cannot interact with dex, hence why stable coins are preferred trading assets on DeFi exchanges.
From the foregone analysis, there is no doubt that the Defi sector is indeed a rapidly developing one with growth potentials. The numerous economic crisis bedeviling the global economy is one of the triggering factors that has forced many into seeking for alternatives and way out. The traditional financial system have not been able to come up with unique solutions. The defi sector is a better alternative to the existing system.
The DeGeThal platform is deployed on the blockchain technology. It is a transparent, decentralized and safe from falsification of database. It’s decentralized nature, enables a fair and open distribution system. Degethal wallet has a feature which helps users to easily track and keep records of their DTM tokens, carry out transactions and also create accounts where they can transfer money across the globe. Within the DeGeThal platform, users will have access to some of the most attractive and innovative products.
Apart from the possibility of making payments and carrying out transactions globally, the DeGeThal platform also presents diverse and numerous earning opportunities for users.

DeGeThal application

DeGeThal Features

DeGeThal is a choice financial climate containing diverse crypto things that will work with the various necessities of customers. Here customers can store and move cryptographic types of cash and fiat directly to the electronic wallet that has been given. This wallet can be facilitated with the customer’s bank card which allows amazingly fast change of crypto to fiat and the opposite way around. However, that isn’t all, there are a couple of various arrangements of DeGeThal:

- CEX: Centralized exchange stage with liquidity pool which will work with the second exchange of customers’ crypto from inside the customer’s wallet.

- NFT Marketplace: Users can trade NFT assets from the gave business focus. This allows an additional opportunity for customers to get cash.

- Staking: To secure simple income customers can participate in the stamping program. Later customers will get a pay of 3% of trade charges.

- Voting System: A popularity based structure expected to allow customers to participate in the stage’s dynamic cycle.

-Portion Gateway: Users especially suppliers of work and items can relate their organizations to their wallets through portion entries to recognize advanced monetary forms.

- Smart Contracts: Developers can present any application with the help of wise agreements.

  • Own Blockchain: Users who need to present their own blockchain on the DeGeThal blockchain can do as such with no issue. This thinks about fast, unassuming and secure portions.

DeGeThal Presale

1. Have your wallet ready with Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

2. Go to MetaMask and press on Browser

3. On the top write down our URL: presale.degethal.com

4. Press “Buy” and choose one from the list

5. Press “Contribute” and write the amount you wish to spend and press “Confirm”

TOKEN Sale Details

Token Ticker: DTM

Token Platform: Binance Smart Chain

SmartContract: 0x3868A245C4BdAC992D3dFa8c940f958a0371e9E0

Max. Supply : 100,000,000

Available: 50,000,000

Sale Platform TBD

Private Sale: 15.06.2021–15.07.2021 (Bonus 5%)

Private Sale 2: 01.08.2021–08.08.2021 (Bonus 5%)

Presale Stage 1: 23.08.2021–23.09.2021

Presale Stage 2: 01.10.2021–01.11.2021

The DTM token is the governance token of the DeGeThal platform and also serves as a key factor of the ecosystem. The DTM token is quite crucial in the development of the DeGeThal system. It is an important element that will allow users to gain more profit. The major objective of the DTM is to establish an ecosystem where users can actively participate towards utilising the token in paying for services on the DeGeThal platform and also gain from the trade of DTM tokens when listed on exchanges. The staking feature is also another earning incentive on the DeGeThal ecosystem.

Token Details
Token Ticker: DTM
Network: Binance Smart Chain
Available for sale: 50,000,000 DTM tokens
Listing: TBA


Using the latest blockchain technology we are building a DeGeThal crypto currency for everyone, the currency that is designed to serve as a payment token for all transactions in the ecosystem.

DeGeThal is : — easy to use, — securely stored and — it is tailored to everyone’s need.

It is our goal to ensure, trough DeGeThal, that anyone in the world has access to an affordable global currency — all because we strongly believe in the future development of the crypto markets as a viable alternative to the traditional financial system regardless of economical, epidemiological or political factors.

For more information please follow the link below:

WEB: https://degethal.com/

Whitepaper: https://degethal.com/uploads/Whitepaper-3.0.pdf

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DeGeThal

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/decentralizedthaler

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/DeGeThal

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/degethal

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/degethal/

Telegram: https://t.me/DeGeThalOfficial & https://t.me/DeGeThalOfficialAnnouncements

Pre Sale: https://presale.degethal.com/


Bitcointalk Username: tuturut

Bitcointalk Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2436141

BEP20(BSC) Wallet Address: 0xEB40Fab8ABCA5A4e7598Df1f381547c8F4c49374