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Melecoin MELE: Blockchain technology aimed at improving e-commerce and banking.


MELECOIN is described to be a blockchain technology specialist in banking, investment and e-commerce. The project aims to solve the problems of electronic commerce, banking services and smart investments, and expand the scope to the largest possible slice in creating a centralized and decentralized business environment to create a bridge of electronic transactions and traditional transactions, documenting the currency as an alternative source, and establishing projects linked to the blockchain.

Good project that puts Blockchain technology at the service of electronic commerce, banking and everything related to investments. Its objective is to solve the problems or works that currently arise when electronic commerce interacts with traditional banking.

To achieve its objective for which the platform was created, it is divided into 5 components such as:

  1. E-commerce platform to solve the problems that arise with traditional electronic commerce. There you can buy and offer eBay-style products for sale.
  2. Banking platform. For money trading, save deposit, transfers.
  3. Real Estate Platform. Purchase and sale of property that replaces the annoying process of signing purchase and sale contracts.
  4. Game Platform. Facilitate the interface with the users with the games. Facilitate transactions.
  5. Mining platform. Facilitate profitable mining processes for the creation of new coins.
  6. Loyalty Platform. Function to reduce fees for transactions between merchants and clients to give rewards and incentives to the client.

Decentralized platform focused on financial services it is planned as a decentralized platform for financial services, since its entire ecosystem is under development but in theory it will have a payment gateway, exchange service and settlement of funds in real time using blockchain. Now only public smart contracts are used to protect each purchase and sale operation within the electronic commerce platform. In general, it is too early to give a final qualification since it is a relatively new project that offers good commercial alternatives within the developing ecosystem, it is necessary to wait and closely follow each of the movements made.

GOLD-backed token
Today’s most popular cryptocurrencies in the market maintain a price in constant volatility according to the supply and demand of the buyers and sellers of the market, but some may be immune to said movement according to the financial support that the cryptoactive has, as well as the MELECOIN token that is backed by a precious metal, in this case gold.

The MELECOIN platform consists of a variety of financial services in a decentralized and open way for any user, which through the MELECOIN token will serve as a means of payment or through a debit card provided by the MELECOIN platform that is currently under development. , in addition to adding to the users the advantage of exchanges MELECOIN tokens to gold bars and vice versa, all this thanks to the LBMA refinery that provides the gold supply to the project, in which the team meets companies and gold refineries to sustain the supply of gold for the MELECOIN ecosystem.

Regarding the future of the platform, it may be relevant given the few currencies that are backed by a financial reserve or precious metal under a decentralized model, so it can be expected that many investors may be interested in the project and in the MELECOIN token.

The MELECOIN company developed the MELECOIN Gold Crypto Debit Card. This was achieved by combining physical gold, blockchain technology token and debit card digitally. The MELECOIN Debit Card is the first cooperative digital currency. This is so because when you use your card for a purchase all the other members get 5% of the transaction fee. This is distributed equally among members. The 5% is paid in form of physical gold into other members’ accounts. Thus, the more you and other members use your cards, the more gold is distributed. Weekly, the member with the highest spending is rewarded with 31.3 grams of gold.

The MELECOIN token MELC is an ERC20 token of the Ethereum blockchain. It trades at 1 Mele = 0.996084 USD


  • The currency is traded on several platforms on the web or mobile devices.
  • The platform provides the means of Fiat/Gold/Crypto exchange
  • The token and Debit cards are acceptable as forms of payment
  • There is an impressive reward system for using the Debit card
  • MELECOIN Token can be stored in an internet wallet or stored in a cold ledger wallet
  • You can redeem your token at any time
  • The Token is protected from economic and financial vulnerabilities because it is backed by the stability of physical gold
  • You can convert your physical gold into any global currency based on the current price of gold

Token Name: MELECOIN Token

MELC Token Platform: Ethereum

Token Standard: ERC20

First Stage: Start: 01–05–2020 End: 31–05–2020

First Stage Bons: 01%

Second Stage: Start: 01–06–2020 End: 30–06–2020

Second Stage Bons: 01%

Third Stage: Start: 01–07–2020 End: 31–07–2020

Third Stage Bons: 01%

Bounty Program
Additional for active investors and subscribing to their channels, namely:
Twitter 30%
Telegram 18%
Article 25%
Video 15%
12% Translation

Then you can get MELC tokens for free through activities on Twitter, Telegram, Blog, Video and Translation.
For more details, you can visit this website https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5293754.0 and bounty telegram line https://t.me/BountyDetective

The Roadmap of this project is well detailed and I’m impressed with the fact that most of the goals on the roadmap have be met. This shows a high level of seriousness from the development team and the proposal on the second map of the roadmap will be released In the first quarter of 2022.



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