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3 min readFeb 19, 2023


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This also guarantees a new level of trustworthiness in the new gambling industry via its decentralized nature, and providing a tamper-proof record for all transactions and winners. Endblock has the capacity to work in any blockchain and can be used to burn any blockchain cryptocurrency. is a pioneering collective reverse betting system that is set to revolutionize the gambling finance industry with its launch in the first week of February. It’s the world’s first wholly-autonomous and truly-decentralized betting system, with a simple interface, nuanced gameplay, and multiple layers of rewards for its players.

Instead of building up personal brands by seizing control and credit for this project, we have released a set of genuinely decentralized endpoints that operate independently through the power of blockchain.

In that sense, Endblock is highly inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto’s release of Bitcoin. We believe that for Endblock to truly challenge the status quo and disrupt the gambling finance industry, it must be able to stand on its own legs without any entities pulling the strings from behind the curtains.

Although the world may never meet the minds behind this innovative project, proponents of decentralization will likely hail this as a monumental step in the right direction.

$End. Play in the MegaPools.

A big percentage of all MainPool bets go to the MegaPools. Users can play in the MegaPools by reseting blocks with their $END token and a Percentage of $END gets burned automatically and another is shared with the EndPools. If the MegaPool block counter reaches 0, the last wallet that has reset the counter wins the entire pool. Each MegaPool has an expiration block. If the expiration block is reached, the pool explodes sending a percentage of the accumulated bets to the $Endergy pool and another percentage to a lottery that distributes it in different prizes among the players who participated in the pool.

Don’t forget that by playing you mint END and that you can enter the ENDergy pool and get a % of the BNB and END Pool directly.


EndBlock operates entirely on smart contracts ensuring 100% transparency and automation, as it should be, guaranteeing a new level of trust in the new gambling finance industry through its decentralized structure, and providing a tamper-proof record of all transactions and winners. EndBlock can work in any blockchain and be used to burn any blockchain cryptocurrency. EndBlock it’s not only a Game. It’s a Freedom tool.





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