SHA-256 is a Bitcoin (BTC) cloud mining platform

5 min readFeb 7, 2021 Cloud Mining Services enables users to mine with the help of the cloud platform without facing the physical difficulties of crypto mining and to obtain their mining revenues securely on a daily basis. Mining operation is carried out at mining facilities. These facilities consist of state-of-the-art GPU and ASIC devices, cooling systems, research centers and experts in the field of crypto, which are regularly maintained and renewed. is suitable for mining with bitcoin coins. The purchased devices are selected appropriately to provide this algorithmic diversity, and hash power is continuously adjusted between coins in different algorithms during mining activities in order to achieve maximum profitability. In any case, users will be informed transparently about the movements taking place on the network, and they will be able to monitor their mining performance instantly through their panels.

About is a legally registered company in the United Kingdom, with the idea of ​​mining as a service and building mines in London. Since this foundation, has grown rapidly, and now in the last few months, has decided to give this opportunity to all individuals around the world to be part of this growing community.

Now provides its users with a unique opportunity to invest in the cryptocurrency mining business without requiring a large initial investment in hardware or having any particular technical knowledge. provides a safe environment for members to get started with cryptocurrency mining and grow their wealth without having to pay significant configuration or implementation fees that seem to give them complete control over the process without needing to be hardware experts. With this explanation, who can accept to miss the great opportunity of mining and earning among professionals.

SHA-256.IO is a new generation cryptocurrency cloud mining with numerous types of cryptocurrencies that users can mine via the platform. SHA-256.IO is built with the latest technology that has made the platform a true solution to the cloud mining problem. The company has farms where state-of-the-art mining devices are installed to dig coin variants based on the Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism. It is aimed that the users who want to earn income from mining will invest in the platform and become a profit partner as a result of the excavated coins.

    The team behind it has taken all the steps and steps necessary to ensure that the platform is the future of cloud mining. The platform is where most of the process takes place, and the platform is built with a friendly user interface that allows users to understand, run smoothly, and work on any device.
  2. In other words, SHA-256.IO is a cryptocurrency cloud mining service that takes many responsibilities such as running mining devices, meeting operational costs, taking security measures, and meeting energy costs so that users can dig any kind of cryptocurrency and get rid of the difficulty of mining privately.
  3. 24/7 CUSTOMER SERVICE: where users can lay their complains and talk to the customer service to help review their problems. The customer support service runs all day and replies immediately to users and fix their problems in no time. is a cloud mining provider platform with multiple algorithms and coins. Its main mission is to make crypto accessible to anyone, with full transparency, highest profitability & security. The platform provides many advantages, including:

  • Instant access to the latest technology crypto-mining tools without physically dealing with mining requirements.
  • Allows you to carry out mining without technical and crypto knowledge.
  • Accumulate daily returns & capital movements anytime with ease.
  • Lowest hash power price on the market.


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How To Start??

  1. Signing UP :
    It’s very easy to create a new account on SHA-256.IO, follow the instructions below:
    a. Click the “Register” button in the upper right corner of this page.
    b. Enter your user information, verify your account by clicking the link that comes to your email address.
    The SHA-256.IO platform only requires an email for registration and does not require any personal information.
  2. Choose a plan
    Choose a mining plan that is suitable and according to your wishes. SHA-256 offers Bitcoin, according to your funds.
  3. Start mining and accumulation
    After selecting a contract and making a payment, the mining request will be sent to an available mining facility for processing. The purchased hash power will start setting the selected coins. Then the user will receive mined coins daily and send withdrawal requests on demand.

The Major Benefits of SHA-256

The SHA-256 is specialized for bitcoin mining. It is a simple and elegant tool that is easy to use and available 24 X 7. Some of its winning features are:

  • Instant withdrawal : You can withdraw your earned coins into your personal wallet at any time within seconds.
  • Daily Return Collection : At the end of each day, all the coins earned by the user will be reflected in their wallet.
  • Safety of your funds : With a hack-proof platform and legal facility management, your funds are secure at all times.
  • Smart Return Calculator : All the parameters that affect mining income are monitored instantly and the current income is calculated based on that.
  • No Hidden Fees : SHA-256 has the lowest fees in the market which is transparent to the user.
  • Non interrupted Hash Power : The hardware is uptime 24 X 7 hence the purchased hash power is never interrupted.

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